A Complete Guide to Web Design

There is undoubtedly only one chance to make a first impression on the internet. For many people, that will be made when they visit a website. That is why having a good web design and intuitive user experience on a website is so vitally important. This blog has the lowdown on the types of website techniques that will keep designers out of the web pages that suck guide. Whether it's mobile responsiveness, the best colour scheme to choose or how to arrange pages so that it is simple for people to find their way around a site, everything developers could need is here.

Search Engine Optimisation

29 Oct 2020

One of the critical aspects when designing a website is that of search engine optimisation. This is a process of using keywords which match what potential customers are searching for. This should lead to higher rankings in the search engine's results pages. This, in turn, attracts more sale conversions.

Why Navigation Matters

19 Sep 2020

When it comes to web design, one important detail should not be forgotten, and that is navigation. As part of the user experience, if a visitor can't easily find what they are looking for, then they will probably leave the website, and that is a loss of a potential customer.